Apartma Bela is situated in the heart of Robanov kot – the most well preserved glacial valley in Solcava region, located 15 minutes by car from Logar valley. Calm and cosy suite offers the perfect starting point for hiking, mountaineering or cycling.

The History

Bela 1

Ground floor

4 guests • 1 bedroom • 1 double bed • 1 sleeper sofa • 1 bathroom

Bela 2

First floor

4 guests • 2 bedrooms • 1 double bed • 2 single beds • 2 bathrooms


Apartma Bela is the perfect starting point for many great hikes in Robanov kot, but there is so much more to explore in the region and the surrounding valleys. Find some of our favourite spots below.

Robanov travnik and Robanova planšarija, approximately 1 h walk from the apartment. In the summertime you can grab a small bite at Robanova planšarija.
Strelovec (1763 m) is our favourite easy hike from Robanov kot valley. The trail begins at farm Knez and the hike takes approximately 2h (one direction).
Solčava panoramic road. Take in the amazing views of the three valleys: Logar valley, Robanov kot and Matkov kot; by foot, by car, or on a bicycle.
Logar valley. There are many trails and starting points for hikes in Logar Valley, two of our favourites (moderate difficulty) are to Klemenča jama 1208 m and to Okrešelj 1396 m.
Matkov škaf in Matkov kot valley.
Solčava is a charming alpine village, situated 4km from the apartment. It has a small grocery store, a gas station, and a tourist centre with a small shop which offers locally produced goods. Pictured is the beautifully restored gothic church from the 15th century, overlooking the village.

Local cuisine

If you want a deep dive into Slovenian cuisine - wheter you’re on an hiking adventure or want to have a cozy, lovely dinner - find inspiration in our list of recommendations below.

Tourist farm Govc Vršnik, situated right next door to the apartment.
Planšarija Logarski kot, in Logar valley.
Tourist farm Matk, in Matkov kot valley (we recommend you try their goat ice-cream).
Klemenča jama
Lesnika, in town Mozirje.
Tourist farm Lesjak, in Šmihel nad Mozirjem.

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