Robanov kot is one of the three glacial valleys in the Solčava region. It has been protected as a natural landmark since 1950, and in 1987 the valley obtained the title of Landscape Park. Most credit for that goes to Jože Vršnik - Robanov, a local and a great lover of nature, especially his home in Robanov kot. The home names of farms, which are still known today, can be traced back in writing to the year 1426. Among others, they mention Govc's farm, where the Bela apartment is located.

Because Robanov kot is a landscape park, special laws and requirements are in place, due to conservation. The valley is closed to all traffic and the construction of holiday homes is not allowed. My grandparents Franc and Nina tried with great effort to build a usufructuary house. They were able to get a building permit against all odds, because they proved a building for drying fruits existed many years ago. We built the Bela house on the exact spot of the fruit dryer in the year 2000.

The house is built in accordance with strict regulations on the architecture of buildings typical of the area. One of such specialties is certainly the wooden roofing. Such larch roofs are typical of mountain huts and beehives of this area. My grandparents spent several years in the house. It was later inherited by my mother and her sister. Since none of them live in this area, we converted it into apartments for rent. We derived inspiration for the name Bela from the area. Bela is a torrential stream that formed the shape of the Robanov kot valley and now quietly flows through it.

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